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It takes a special kind of person to use a Mac. Someone who instead of worrying how to get something done, simply does it. Macs are wonderful because they are easy to use and because they let us do so much. Simply.

But sometimes even our beloved Macs need a little TLC. Is a hard drive acting up? Are you experiencing unexpected "crashes?" Or perhaps you'd like to add more memory, or upgrade from dial-up to cable broadband or DSL? Still haven't figured out Apple's OS X operating system. Get up to speed quickly with a personal orientation and "tips and tricks" training session.

When the time comes for your beloved Mac's check-up, trust the Mac "Doctor" at WPD Consulting. Jeremy Slayton is a veteran Macintosh consultant with 15 years experience, including three years working for Apple Computer, Inc. He can accommodate almost every Mac need including:

Installing Memory, hard drives, PCI cards, accelerators, CPU upgrades • Diagnosing and repairing Software and Hardware problems • Setting up Mac Ethernet Local-Area Networks (LANs) • Consulting on Software and Hardware upgrades • PC/Mac File and Data Translations • Data archiving • Internet ConsultingOS 9 to OS X Migration • MacOS X and Apple iLife Training

Got a Mac Problem? help you!

Consulting Rates
Technical Support - at our office or your location.
(minimum 1/2 hour charge)
Tutoring - at our office or your location.
(minimum 1/2 hour charge)
Onsite Travel Fee:
measured one-way from our office to your location
(minimum $20.00 charge)
Phone Consultation
(15 minute minimum)
Please ask about our non-profit discounts.

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