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Getting a professionally designed site is one thing. Getting it at a fair price is another. Web Parlour Design is able provide highly competitive rates, often 50% to 75% lower than big, flashy design firms, because it is a lean company with fewer overhead expenses. This means our quality services don't come to you at a premium.

Web Parlour Design has worked on projects between $500 and $50,000, and have found that a typical small business startup site will cost between $1000 and $2500. We recognize that different businesses have different needs. One of the advantages of working with Web Parlour Design, is our ability to work with you to design a site that meets both your needs, and your budget. We won't shoehorn you into a generic "cookie cutter" site, nor will we sell you up to a product you don't need. We are happy to accommodate our clients by providing either a quote for an entire project based on a site design plan, or by consulting on projects at an hourly rate.

Please contact us to discover how reasonable it is to get the site you want.

Quotes for Complete Sites

Web Parlour Design has designed sites ranging between $500 and $50,000. If a client can provide a well organized plan including detailed information on the site design as well as the quantity and format of content to be included, Web Parlour Design is happy to provide a quote for the cost of implementation of the plan.

When a client does not have such a plan, we are happy to work with them on a consulting basis to develop the necessary plan. Once the plan is created, we can provide a quote for the cost of its implementation. A client may also opt to proceed with the implementation of the plan by means of contracting at an hourly rate.

Payment for quoted projects is 50% up front, 50% upon completion.

Some clients may prefer the flexibility of developing their site on a "pay as you go" basis. In this case we are happy to provide website design and consultation services at an hourly rate.

Contract Services at an Hourly Rate

Depending on the size of the project, a small deposit is required up front, and is credited toward the initial work. Unless otherwise negotiated, the client will be invoiced on a bi-weekly basis.

Contract Services Provided:
Internet consulting, internet research, website design, site management, site promotion, copy writing, document translation, OCR, flatbed scanning, image touch up, image optimization, HTML coding, forms, javascript, multimedia content preparation

(minimum 1/2 hour charge)

Custom Logo and Artwork Design:
Creation of custom logos or artwork for purpose of branding a product or service. Logos and artwork created may be used on website only, unless otherwise negotiated.

(minimum 1/2 hour charge)

Phone Consultation:
Phone consultations providing any of the services discussed above.

(minimum 15 minute charge)

Other Services:
WPD Consulting also provides a variety of general computer consultation services focusing on the Macintosh computing platform. Services include repairs, upgrades, troubleshooting, data archiving and private tutoring.

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